About Us

UPSC Exam is one of the toughest exam in India.This exam needs holistic approach of preparation. Ojaank IAS Academy has reputation coaching as best Institute for IAS coaching prepration in Delhi and reffered as best UPSC coaching in Delhi NCR for classroom and online preparation.

IAS/IPS are known as steel pillers of India. Ojaank IAS Academy is nurchuring future officers of New India with innovatives classroom & online civil services preparation.Ojaank IAS Academy is premier IAS/UPSC preparation institute in Delhi NCR which is well known for its Statodynamics methods of teaching as acordance to the new pattern of Civil Service.

Ojaank IAS Academy provides Online Civil Services Preparation for the students who can’t come to the coaching and learn. It provides you with the Live & recorded lectures by Ojaank Sir & his team. So that a large mass could be benefited. Ojaank IAS Academy has a reputation as the Best Online IAS Institute.

This could help you to recall and learn according to your convenience. Whenever, wherever, you are you can watch videos and get updated. So enjoy learning with Best Institute for IAS Preparation in Delhi NCR and this is cost-effective.

Why We


We always believe that not only students teachers and mentors also need to be dedicated towards the career of a Student and we strcitly follow this at OJAANK IAS.


We here at Ojaank IAS Academy not only motivate students to do hardwork but I strictly expect the same hardwork from my team and so as we do.


We always need a passion to do anything in our life so here also at We have passion to shape , design and enhance career of our dear students.


Along with the above mentioned we always need a strategy to fight against any situation so we do As we always follow different strategy to cater diff. courses.